Changshu Zhengfangyi Manufacture Co., Ltd.

工厂实景/Company Environmental
技术支持/Technical Support


Management Mode

In order to effectively control the strength of fabric testing, the demand for fabric quality according to national standards will enable the company's products to meet the national designated product quality. The company will strictly implement the quality management system.



Guality Assurance

The company's products have passed the OEKO-TEX, SGS strict quality certification Bsci field inspection, with independent design and development team, Germany imported production equipment and technical support.


Dedicated Solution Provider of 3D Air mesh Products

ZFY is  always focusing on producing and R&D of warp knitted spacer mesh (sandwich mesh, 3D mesh).

About ZFY:

Including latest Germany KARL MAYER Machines, machines for ultra-thick 3D mesh  , ZFY owns warp knitting machines

With independent dyeing house, ZFY guarantees top quality in dyeing and other after treatment

ZFY is the first factory who implements RAW FABRIC GRADING with A,B,C three basic levels,all problems are tracable .

ZFY ‘s fabric and dyeing process has passed strict  test of the Swiss  OEKO-TEX Class i and Class ii, which is touchable by infant skin

ZFY is committed to research and development of new functional fabrics,  providing personalized solutions and differentiated products

ZFY’s  material covers polyester, cotton, nylon, spandex, bamboo fiber, bamboo charcoal, cool feeling, flame retardant yarn, antibacterial yarn etc.

Functional products:

flame retardant, anti-bacterial, three processing, quick drying, negative oxygen ions etc.

ZFY extra processing:

mesh slitting  (5cm-220cm), printing,embossing, anti-slip, lamination, resin treatment

Main usage:

1, mattress, cushion, pillow for Japan ,USA and South Korea,baby crib liner

2, automobile panel lining ,auto seat cushion and motorcycle seat cover

3, fashion wear, underwear , jacket, outdoor sports apparel


5, medical  clothing ,protective  buffering  products

6, engineering cloth , such as grouting reinforcement layer.

Company event

To expand the company's production scale. Since 2018, the company has invested a total of about 80 million yuan to build a new factory, located in the Tonggang Industrial Park in the Yangtze River Delta, with a total construction area of about 30,000 square meters. Completed in June 2019.


Contact us

Add:No.68,Hua Lian Road , Tonggang Industrial Zone. MeiLiTown , Changshu City , Jiangsu , China215511

QQ :2881360251



E-mail:[email protected]

Mr.Hu : 18606238058

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